Global Campaign

Finally, we settle the age old question of who’s better: The 40k Fuckbois, or the Badcast Badboys? (it’s the badboys) Play our special missions and send the results to to influence our global campaign!

ROUND 1 RESULTS: A deadlock tie between the Fuckbois and the Badboys!
ROUND 2 RESULTS: The Badboys pull ahead by 3 games as the Fuckbois can’t sports
ROUND 3 RESULTS: The Fuckbois prove better at owning themselves and win the third round, but the Badboys still have a 2 game lead!
ROUND 4 RESULTS: Badboys continue their lead, now being ahead by 3 games!

Round 1 – Campbell’s Anime Stash
– One player is the Fuckboi and one is the Badboy
– Random deployment
– Place 6 markers on the field more than 12” from each other and 6” from a board edge
– On a roll of a 6 (Tau battlesuits get a reroll) you have found some of –
Campbell’s anime! On any other roll the counter is discarded
– Fuckboi player can immediately burn the anime for 1 victory point
– Badboy player can hold the objective following the same rules as The Relic, and if they’re holding it at the end of the game they get 3 victory points
– It is possible to uncover multiple stashes of anime, although if 5 of the objectives have been duds, the 6th will always be anime
– Mission uses First Blood, Slay the Warlord, and Linebreaker secondary objectives
– Have fun! Or don’t, I’m not your dad

Round 2 – Dan, this is just Blood Bowl
– Short table edge deployment (hammer & anvil)
– One objective in the middle of the table
– To score, objective must be carried (like the relic) within 12” of the opposing player’s table edge.
– Once it is, at the end of the controlling player’s turn, it is respawned at the center of the table, and both surviving forces must re-deploy
– Each score is worth 1 victory point, there are no secondaries
– The game lasts for exactly 6 turns
– Infantry, monsters or walkers can pass the objective once per turn to a friendly unit. The passing model must be armed with some sort of close combat weapon. Range is strength + d6. If a weapon modifies the strength of the thrower, then that strength is used for the thrower’s range (ex. – A space marine captain with a power fist throws the ball 8 + d6 inches). If it falls short of a friendly unit and lands within 1” of an enemy unit, it is an interception, and the enemy unit controls the objective. This does not end the throwing player’s turn like it would in Blood Bowl. If the objective lands more than 1” away from any units, it stays where it is until a unit comes and picks it up. Throwing the objective uses up the throwing model’s shooting phase.

Round 3 – Sweet Self Own, Bro
– Kill points, table quarters deployment
– Both players make the worst (legal) army lists they can
– Players then trade armies and have to defeat their own shitty army with another shitty army
– You can’t build an army that will automatically lose
– You can’t take fortifications
– Secondary objectives are:
– Save the Warlord: If the enemy’s warlord is alive at game end, you get +1 VP
– Linemaker: If your enemy has no units in your deployment zone, you get +1 VP
– Last Blood: If you get the last killpoint before the game ends, you get +1 VP. – If you both have units in reserve or offboard when the game ends, neither of you get it.

Round 4 – Juice Money
– Your Warlord (The Juice Dad) has decided that instead of buying juice for his troops, he would spend all his money on more Warhammer models for himself. As a result, there is a shortage of juice to go around the army, and your troops are weaker for it.
– Every unit in your army is at -1 Toughness and -1 Leadership, except your Warlord, who operates normally.
– Your Warlord has enough juice to feed one unit in your army per turn. Nominate a unit within 12” of your Warlord – that unit does not suffer the -1 Toughness or -1 Leadership penalty. This can be the same unit every turn, or a different one if you like.
– Deployment: Dawn of War
– There are 3 objectives on the table along the center line. One is dead center, one is 18” to the left, one is 18” to the right. Each of these is a juice reserve. One unit on a juice reserve can take the juice and they will no longer suffer the -1 Toughness or -1 Leadership penalty.
– If a Warlord is killed, they become a juice reserve, as they were hoarding it for themselves. If they die within 6” of an existing juice reserve, move the new juice reserve so that it is 6” from any other juice reserve or board edge.
– At the end of the game, whoever holds the most juice reserves wins. A surviving Warlord counts as a held juice reserve for the controlling player.

Round 5 – Even in Death I’m Still Bad
Deployment is table quarters
Random game length as per the rules
One objective in the middle of each quarter and one in the middle of the table.
A unit partially within 6” of an objective counts as controlling it, and units can control multiple objectives at once
Whenever a unit is destroyed, the player who destroyed them places an objective marker within 1” of where at least one model was. That objective marker is then treated the same way as any other objective marker.
At the end of each of player turn, that player loses a Victory Point for every objective they control
Command points are not available, however, strategems can be used – instead of CP, they burn Victory Points
Whoever has the “most” Victory Points at the end of the game is the winner