40k Badcast 05 – Activate Fuck Pattern 69

In this provocative and sexy episode, your erstwhile hosts discuss Adepticon plans, painting, and almost every other GW game system except 40k! We also bring you the latest in Fanfiction Excellence as we showcase our Fanfiction Challenge winners. Dan does ork voice. Campbell tries to sound British. It is an experience few will want to miss as Space Wolves and Space Orks space dock and Biff gets Biff’d.


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Campbell’s bad old paintjobs:

Dan’s a jerk and hasn’t taken pictures yet.

Go here!

And here!

Pictures of Campbell’s Roboute Guilliman:

A free plug for Black Maria Designs:

Show art:

One thought on “40k Badcast 05 – Activate Fuck Pattern 69

  1. Fuck me this is amazing! Lostening to every episode and I am in fucking tears! Love it guys absolutely LOVE IT!.!


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