40k Badcast – Bonus Episode: Adepticast 2017

We’re back from Adepticon, and boy oh boy do we have a lot of complaining to do! Too much free stuff! Things not being as friendly as we thought! Men covered in their own vomit! All this and MORE in a special BONUS BADCAST!

We do away with the bits, jokes and normal 40k Badcast horseshit to present you with an in-depth dive into how these two nerds spent a weekend in March.

Listen Here

Here are some webistes you should visit:

Camhammer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Hd9_8GYNPVLGtD1sEDK_A

Independent Characters: http://theindependentcharacters.com/blog/

Tablewar: http://www.tablewar.com/

As always feel free to contact us at contact@40kbadcast.com

Read more at http://40kbadcast.libsyn.com/40k-badcast-bonus-episode-adepticast-2017#A4zFMBvoPs4LTFrD.99

One thought on “40k Badcast – Bonus Episode: Adepticast 2017

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! Was awesome hanging you with you fellas! Always a great time!

    Tip for Adepticon airport pickup. You can also use windy city limo and schedule your pickup.

    Comes to about 40 dollars (with tip) for the ride share (all going to same location). Way cheaper then the taxi’s, and super plush!


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