40k Badcast 08 – Toadsword and Chewfist’s Bogus Journey

In this thick and meaty episode, our intrepid hosts tackle 8th edition, the Chaos god of murder, skulls, blood, and skulls, and comment upon an important milestone in 40k lore: The Fighting Tigers of Veda. We also have a chat with Doug Johnson of Tablewar where he reveals some truly salacious details.

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Listen Here

Traveller of Both Time and Space: Episode 1

Required viewing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfL9RlVe-g4

Check out Tablewar: http://www.tablewar.com/

Check out Camhammer: https://www.youtube.com/camhammershow

Dan: https://twitter.com/db_sleazy

Campbell: https://twitter.com/brotherSRM


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