40k Badcast 12 – Summertime and the Hammin’s Easy

With our hosts back from vacation and off the 15-day DL, the Badcast is back in business! We talk 8th Edition impressions, hobby plans, and read some boring fanfiction. Don’t forget to send in submissions for the latest Fanfiction Challenge!

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2 thoughts on “40k Badcast 12 – Summertime and the Hammin’s Easy

  1. Still catching up! Just got to the greggles sections! I’ll be bringing a kustom stompa for one game, and probably mixed for a second round. The stompas are sooooo overcosted in this edition. Don’t think they are actually viable. (i can take 3 other super heavies for the price of 1 stompa!). Gonna be a blast, so looking forward to it!


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