40k Badcast – Bonus Episode: Novacast 2017

In this super-heavy episode we dispense with the usual Badcast chicanery and focus on what happened at the 2017 NOVA Open! Here’s a hint: a lot!

Listen Here

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Make sure to check out Campbell’s youtube page for his take:


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Here’s Duncan Rhodes (yeah!) checking out Campbell’s Black Templars:


Check out Joe Kopena’s pics from NOVA:


And check out our friend Greg’s pictures, too!


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One thought on “40k Badcast – Bonus Episode: Novacast 2017

  1. Awesome podcast as always gentlemen. Was great playing with you at nova! Gotta play with campbell next time!

    My suggestions to Joe/Colin were to use the GT scoring system, so you didn’t auto max points from tabling your opponent. Using the Nova method, its possible to actually table someone and still lose because you weren’t paying attention to the mission. It was easier to just try and table people in the narrative because you auto max’d points and just ignore the mission! (and the missions are great!).


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