40k Badcast 23 – Burgers, Sausages, and a guy named Butch

The holidays (and one extremely bad hangover) pushed us back by a couple of days, but the bois are back in town with another edition of the 40k Badcast! We’re joined in studio by our friend Dylan and we talk Necromunda, Oldhammer, and what this dumb show means to us. Campbell also does some really cheesy voices.

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Look at his minis, while you’re at it, why don’t you?


Look at Dylan’s stuff!


I can’t imagine why you’d want to, but go check out that ridiculous fanfiction in all of its dubious glory:


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One thought on “40k Badcast 23 – Burgers, Sausages, and a guy named Butch

  1. Hello that was the best episode I’ve heard so far! I don’t play 40 K, But I have just got the new version of Necromunda so it was very timely. I have been listening for a while though and I love the humour that you guys bring. You are unique to all the other podcasts.The fanfiction segment is hilarious as are the stories which deviate from the main topic.I really want to hear more about Dylan and his collecting of old school models, especially the space Marine helmet. Although I am not a collector, I do have a number of old models which to be honest I think are better than the new ones in some ways. It would be great to have him on the show again in future to hear more about this


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