40k Badcast 40 – This Show is Our Version of the Titanic

The fellas are back, and they welcome you to join in on this egregiously indulgent 2-hour Badcast Extravaganza to celebrate their 40th episode! They talk meteorology, bird biology, and say a special thanks to you wonderful listeners. And, before anyone complains, do not @ us about using Fahrenheit temperatures. We are American, and we cannot help it. Enjoy!

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One thought on “40k Badcast 40 – This Show is Our Version of the Titanic

  1. Always a fantastic time to play you Dan! I’ll wait to get stomped in a few weeks by the steel legion! Should have some of the newer buggies done by then. Smasha guns are D6 damage. They are ridiculous and way under costed. Running 3 was much more “friendly’ then the 5 I ran vs you. Adapting to a final general setup of 3 smasha, 1 traktor. Seems to fit the bill and not be total asshattery. (I’ll run 4-2 at adepticon and nova)


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