40k Badcast 42 – Hammy Holidays from Warboss Cindy

‘Twas the week before Christmas,

With nary a heads-up,

Came two idiot jerks,

Who won’t shut the fuck up.

Their podcast is bad,

We know it, it’s true!

But that won’t stop them,

But please don’t be blue!

Here with a chat,

About all things 40k,

Not sports, not movies,

and NOT anime.

So listen up close,

And remember the days,

When life wasn’t sad,

when there was no malaise.

Come badbois, come fuccbois!

Come Campbell and Dan!

Let’s join in friendship,

and bring peace to the land.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Listen Here

Peter’s dope hams can be found here: http://verdekilxviii.imgur.com




Image from https://wildboarblog.wordpress.com/warhammer-40k-christmas-santa/

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