40k Badcast 46 – We Make Da Bird Kall

It’s cold outside, but you can warm up by slicing open the belly of a hot, fresh Badcast and then crawl inside to get out of the cold. And you thought Dan and Campbell smelled bad on the outisde! While you’re inside of us, check out this new episode where we talk birds, battle reports, and Campbell sets a new world record for how many times a podcaster can punch his fucking microphone in the span of one recording! Also, Dan quotes an anime (gasp!) and we introduce the coolest new character, Inquisitor Mall Goth!

Read more at https://40kbadcast.libsyn.com/#u3xo2yLqImRFr4bR.99
Listen Here

The hardest part of this podcast is coming up with something to put right here!

Please send us questions for WMDK!


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Let’s edge again, like we did last summer!


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