40k Badcast 52 – Exploring Chaos in Non-Traditional Ways

Recall, if you can, the lyrics to that one stupid fucking Staind song, because it has indeed been a while for cha bois Deezy and Crumbles. They’re very sorry about this, but life sometimes gets in the way of hamscastin’.

Renew your love of the Badcast by indulging in this large and very much in charge 52nd offering! The fellas talk sandwiches, what to do when you’re in a dry spell, and collaboratively discover the perfect piece of Games Workshop licensed merch! You’ll be sure to want one, too, when you hear about it. So get it while it’s hot, and don’t forget the gravy!

Listen Here

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I will not apologize for my “dadaist masterpiece”, the 40kSMR podcast available only to Patreon Subscribers.


It’s summer, so make sure to grab a couple of Cult of the Swole-Armed Emperor tank tops!


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